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Comments by Gabriel Leon Leyva (Top 2 by date)

Gabriel Leon Leyva 10-Jul-15 13:44pm View    
Ok there is no virtual Directory, when you create an app iis manager ask for an alias and physical path, is that alias what is cousing problems, if the app is in the root of server works fine, but is I create an app between root its when the script stops working. the scripts calls the action /ShoppingCart/AddToCart in server's root.
but when I create an app by name "Store" the action changes to /Store/ShoppinCart/AddToCart and stops working.
Gabriel Leon Leyva 9-Jul-15 12:22pm View    
but deleting the virtual directory I also remove the app or not? Do I have to install the app in an stand alone server so it get root access? or is there a url config to remove the app name (virtual dir) from the route.

Thanks :-)