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Comments by Laxmax1 (Top 13 by date)

Laxmax1 2-Jul-22 18:43pm View    
I know, this is a example of my last try but not works.
Laxmax1 20-Apr-22 9:53am View    
when I call the function get_month from other function.
Laxmax1 14-Jul-17 13:30pm View    
I solved it, i create a method that calls the function in a foreach, did not want to do so but in the end it works. thank you for your help.
Laxmax1 20-Apr-15 10:10am View    
Hi Maciej, with your solucion i have 61k of registers, but still high :(
Laxmax1 26-Mar-15 8:37am View    
I take option 2 , thank you very much Sascha Lefevre , with this improvement I could do. :)