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Member 10622146 3-Jul-14 16:53pm View    
Im trying to log a certain functionality of the application which is critical per user. Its highly dependent of users to do daily tasks which require different levels.
Member 10622146 16-May-14 16:45pm View    
I tried this:
int t = Int32.Parse("Multiple Type");
this.type = t;

It did not work...
Member 10622146 16-May-14 16:40pm View    
I tried using the parse but it throws an exception that my string is not in correct datetime format. have you seen that exception?
Member 10622146 16-Apr-14 15:51pm View    
Yes, it does not change the tab text.
Member 10622146 3-Apr-14 15:44pm View    
My apologizes for the confusion, I have several projects in my solution file and, couple of my classes in one project are required in other projects. I cannot add references of project A to Project B and Project B to Project A, causing circular dependency. My goal is to take those classes out that I need for both projects to Project C. This way I can add a references and use them where I need them. I was just wondering if there is fast way to handle this.