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Siddhanath Jadhav 31-Jan-14 8:08am View    
Hi,Gurav,you have any memory issue,i.s,If you swipe images memory increase or not,Because I have working windows phone8 app.Here i have use Bitmaplist to collect camera roll images and pass to pivot control(pvtimages.Itemsource=camimages()) at the time of application launch and after i have use "Next""Previous"button to swipe images one by one Its working fine But when swiping images memory increases 2-3mb per swiping images.To solve memory issue i have lots of try but still pending use Gc.Collect(), Gc.PendingFinalizars(), DecodePixelWidth,Destructor for class but still memory increases ,If you have any solve these issue then please provide simple code for these..Thanks
Siddhanath Jadhav 11-Jan-14 1:47am View    
Hi all,I need fast Please Provide simple code for above problem.
Siddhanath Jadhav 7-Jan-14 9:08am View    
Here i have use XAML to create Pivot and C# use to create "3 Generic list box" and "1" for store all camera roll images,"2" for listbox create form main class and it stores="listbox1" values,then "3" rd Listbox create for pickup only 3 images from "listbox2 i.s. 0,1,2 after Click button then "3 ListBox" add " 1,2,3"etc way "3 ListBox store only 3 items and display(Same like swiping images like media library when Next,Previous Button click)"s i have swipe position of images it also work fine "First Next, Previous" But My Problem is when i change position of images previous image does not remove from memory only images reflect each other .i.e. i have create of 3 images cycle for display images.Then i have try to update pivot items before click to remove the previous images from memory and reload next 3 images cycle.Please provide simple code for these problem i have try but still pending.
Siddhanath Jadhav 31-Dec-13 3:18am View    
Hi all,I need it fast Please provide simple code for this.Only I have need to update pivot items when change images position.It is working properly images change but previous image does not release memory thats why some images swiping "OutOffMemoryException" Occure to implement 3 image cycle slot, FIRST,NEXT,PREVIOUS,IF i swipe first image then next image come first image position,also next image position pickup list box new image (Serially) Also delete First image etc.cycle wise.Here i have try to swipe imag
Siddhanath Jadhav 31-Dec-13 3:13am View    
Thanks,I will try to install Visual Studio Express 2013.