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Comments by RossMW (Top 136 by date)

RossMW 14-Dec-23 20:57pm View    
This is not as straight forward as it seems and you have to get into googles api's. I suggest you research the follow links, experiment a little and build up and research from there...
RossMW 15-Apr-20 16:22pm View    
I think you will need to clarify your question. I cant get my head around what table or fields are what, what data is contained in them, what exactly you are trying to achieve and where the results are coming from.
RossMW 24-Mar-19 22:35pm View    
Probably because you have any event that is unknowingly firing which changes the value.
RossMW 22-Mar-19 1:50am View    
I suspect you may have a problem with or how you are doing things. We can't guess your modified code and you need to provide the code and exactly what you are trying to achieve.
RossMW 30-Sep-18 20:29pm View    
This goes against everything the normal operation of how mdicontainers should work.

Can you add or show the code you have for the form to display the data. if you are creating a form via code it will also need to be set according the solution provided.