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sp_suresh 10-Oct-16 2:24am View    
thanks and sorry for delay.We are studying mutex...
sp_suresh 10-Oct-16 2:21am View    
thanks for your solution and sorry for delay .As you suggested we have to created service which will monitor which application is locked and with time.So after specific timeout period object will released ...Ok...we will try this way also ...But is there any other solution in order to avoid service ?....thanks
sp_suresh 10-Oct-16 2:13am View    
F-ES Sitecore ....Thank you very much & sorry for delay .As you suggested we already maintained changed log.So we can track also changes done by user. Also We will check your solution.....
sp_suresh 22-Sep-16 3:22am View    
Hello sir ,
Please see updated question ...
sp_suresh 8-Aug-16 7:04am View    
Thanks , I already set this solution by split method with much better performance from database level ....