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RaymondM 10-Jan-12 4:48am View    
Thanks for a very thorough answer. I had found some of these websites after a lot of googling, but I was held back by lack of exoperience. In the end I get it to work this way :

In myjs.js :

var Value=[0,1003264,1005824,1038080,.... ];
<nearly 1000="" entries="" in="" value="">
function getvalue(n)
return Value[n];

In the html file :

<script scr="myjs.js"> </script>
<script scr="myjs.js"> document.write(getvalue(200)); </script>

I find I need <script scr="myjs.js"> in both head and the body.

Raymond Mercier
RaymondM 3-Jan-12 13:40pm View    
Good idea ! I see that a similar question was posted at the end of his article. There a man suggested that in the msi setup one should place CustomerInformation right after Welcome. Now I have tried thta but it does not help, I am afraid.