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ilostmyid2 15-Aug-23 11:20am View    
We're using the fork, ffmpeg, with the same functionality.
ilostmyid2 24-Aug-21 9:34am View    
So why if the function accepts "const obj *" and I pass an "obj *" it doesn't issue a warning?
ilostmyid2 4-Aug-21 13:43pm View    
This is good, but not what I'm looking for. It's just expanding and collapsing some parts of code, not separating a module into separate independent tabs.
ilostmyid2 5-May-21 10:35am View    
If I use the loopback interface, I'll get the same packet on recv. I need to process the sent packet and change it as you see in the code so that recv will receive what I've generated or modified from the interface. For this, loopback interface may not be useful for this purpose.
ilostmyid2 9-Feb-21 13:25pm View    
Yeah I did. Preventing a header file from being included again is not what I asked! Please re-read my question. In header file I need to know the name and path of the file which has included it. This is really a different thing.