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In 1986 I obtained a degree in architecture and worked as an architect for ~10 years. My experience has been diverse; from mainframe, to mini-computer to desktops and now to mobile devices and connected TV sets having an aggregate of ~25+ years of networking and systems integration experience.

I deployed my first website(s) in 1997 ( when I learned client-side development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Remember HomeSite? I have taught client-side design and development for a local university. My work as an architect required me to master the Microsoft Windows platform(s) motivating me to be involved in the Microsoft Partner Program. Hence, I have adopted the use of the ASP.NET Framework using C# to develop server-side code.

My greatest accomplishment on the web (so far) has been the design and development of an e-commerce line of business providing an affiliate referral program which I coded myself. The website was deployed for an organization that retained my services during 2000-2001. Our initiative known as The Liberty Dollar resulted in sales of tens of millions of dollars of silver bullion.

I am currently involved in developing a connected TV start-up (@virtualCableTV). As a caregiver for an elderly parent I have also been chipping away at developing an app for other caregivers attending to the needs of their loved ones.



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