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Matthias Adloff - Professional Profile


After some doubtful reputation back in my teenage times (C64, Assembler, lotsa money and finally the public prosecutor's office and very surprised parents), I studied law and became a lawyer in the year 2000. In 2005, I founded my first company, which soon came to some success supplying companies like Shell, Orlen and others with a UMTS-based hardware and software solution that enabled them to monitor the gas station leaseholders' sales on coffee and car-washes in real-time.
In 2008, I sold my shares and founded a bunch of new companies which concentrated on making the buying pricing for the German convenience B2B market more transparent. At this stage, we had up to 30 software developers employed, and I soon realized that this is exactly what I wanted to do for myself: Developing solutions. So I stopped everything, again selling my shares and began to study computer sciences.
Today, in a small team of only 4 people, we're selling individual ERP and CRM systems, mostly in C#, WPF and MSSQL or MySQL, sometimes Ruby On Rails or whatever is needed.



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