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Newsletter - 17 Oct 2022

Weekly Newsletter (17 Oct 2022)
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Site News

Best Article of September 2022
Winner: honey the codewitch C/C++ Headers and Source Files: How Do They Work?
Winner: Mark Pelf Asynchronous Events in C#
Runner-up: Bruno van Dooren An Introduction to C++ Concepts for Template Specialization
Runner-up: Arthur V. Ratz An Optimal Wagner-Fischer Algorithm For Approximate Strings Matching In Python And NumPy

Chris Maunder

Weekly Poll Results

Do you feel Artificial Intelligence should be regulated?

Survey period: 10 Oct 2022 to 17 Oct 2022

Because regulation around software development has generally solved the problems they were designed to solve, right?

Yes - we need to ensure we protect ourselves and society before it's too late15423.58
Yes - if it's not just pointless paperwork and is actually effective12619.30
Yes - if it doesn't stifle innovation or add any burden to general AI developers375.67
Yes - for other reasons192.91
I don't know.8012.25
No, it just stifles innovation and generates pointless paperwork355.36
No - we're already protected by sufficient regulations. New ones are just noise182.76
No - there's no point unless every government agrees and fully enforces the rules, which won't happen9214.09
No - for other reasons263.98
I don't care.6610.11

This week's survey: What's your least favourite of these languages to code in?

Latest Additions

New articles added


  (0 votes) by Christopher Wynder (updated 2 days ago)
In this article we discuss why an “API-first mindset” is a prerequisite for business success today.

Desktop Programming

  (5 votes) by Ruth_Haephrati (updated 2 days ago)
There's no reason the buttons used as part of your UI will not look beautiful and be practical at the same time - Here's how you do it
  (0 votes) by Steffen Ploetz (updated yesterday)
My way to have a first sample program running with "Texus' Graphical User Interface" (TGUI) - a cross-platform modern C++ immediate GUI, on which I use "Simple and Fast Multimedia Library" (SFML) as backend.

General Programming

  (1 votes) by Robert Mueller-Albrecht (updated 3 days ago)
In this article we explore how using oneAPI the software-development paradigm changes and targeting and maintaining multiple execution environments for a given workload becomes more easily achievable

Programming Languages

  (2 votes) by Yahya Mohammed Ammouri (updated 5 days ago)
Allowing Hijri and Gregorian date fields to work together on your Dynamic CRM form and updating them simultaneously according to the user entry.
  (2 votes) by Wayne Jin (updated yesterday)
A walkthrough to create a VSTO CountDown Timer Add-in for Powerpoint
  (0 votes) by Herman.Instance (updated 17 hours ago)
It should reflect the event

Web Development

  (1 votes) by syed shanu (updated 5 days ago)
Blazor Server APP in ASP.NET Core 6.0

Articles updated

General Programming

  (22 votes) by Eric Ouellet, Sani Huttunen (updated 5 days ago)
Fast implementations of permutation algorithms


  (14 votes) by Andy De Filippo (updated 2 days ago)
Render Rich Text with GDI+ by tapping into the power of API hooking

Programming Languages

  (8 votes) by Shao Voon Wong (updated 18 hours ago)
C++11 Range For-Loop to Enumerate Registry, Folder and WMI


  (1 votes) by Wayne Jin (updated 22 hours ago)
A walkthrough to create a count down timer Add-in for Powerpoint

New Tips and Tricks added

Programming Languages

  (5 votes) by Dario Picca (updated 6 days ago)
Save Key and Value in JSONformat using C# and LINQ

Tips and Tricks updated

Programming Languages

  (11 votes) by Mehul Donga (updated 6 days ago)
Handle managed (C#) event in managed (C++/CLI)

New Technical Blogs added

Programming Languages

  (0 votes) by SleepyCrat (updated yesterday)
A quick tutorial showing how to use .Net worker service to watch a directory for new files and read them.

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