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Real-time AI Pest Elimination on Edge Devices

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    Real-time AI Pest Elimination on Edge Devices: Getting Started

    In this article, we compared two DNN types we can use to detect pests: detectors and classifiers.
    Added 16 Dec 2020
  2. 1

    Detecting Pests Using Pre-Trained SSD Models

    In the next article, we’ll use a pre-trained DNN to detect pests on video.
    Added 16 Dec 2020
  3. 2

    Detecting Unusual Pests

    In this we’ll talk about some ideas for detecting "exotic" pests, such as moose and armadillos.
    Added 17 Dec 2020
  4. 3

    Preparing Dataset

    In this article we’ll create the training dataset for our pest of choice: The moose.
    Added 18 Dec 2020
  5. 4

    Extending Dataset with Data Augmentation

    In this article, we’ll see how the same result can be achieved by data augmentation.
    Added 21 Dec 2020
  6. 5

    Training a DNN

    In this article, we’ll discuss training our DNN classifier with the augmented dataset.
    Added 22 Dec 2020
  7. 6

    Detecting Pests with a Motion Detector and Trained DNN

    In this article, we’ll show you how to develop a simple motion detector and combine it with the trained DNN model to detect moose on video.
    Added 23 Dec 2020