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8 Steps to Python for AI-Engaged Enterprise Developers

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    Python Basics for Machine Learning and AI

    This article provides some tips for experienced programmers to get up to speed with the basics of Python.
    Added 15 Jun 2020
  2. 1

    Python Tuples, Lists, Destructuring, and Loops

    Now that you know some of the basics of Python we can go a bit deeper, with the lists and tuples data structures and see how to work with them.
    Added 15 Jun 2020
  3. 2

    Python Generators and Classes

    In this article we go a bit further with generators and classes.
    Added 16 Jun 2020
  4. 3

    Python AI and Machine Learning Libraries

    In this article we can take a look at what libraries are available to work on AI and ML tasks.
    Added 17 Jun 2020
  5. 4

    Introduction to OpenCV

    In this article let's get started hands-on with OpenCV.
    Added 18 Jun 2020
  6. 5

    Introduction to Natural Language Processing with NLTK

    In this article we take a look at what you can do with the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK).
    Added 19 Jun 2020
  7. 6

    Introduction to Keras

    In this article, let’s dive into Keras, a high-level library for neural networks.
    Added 22 Jun 2020
  8. 7

    Introduction to NumPy, TensorFlow, and scikit-learn

    In this article we take a quick look at NumPy and TensorFlow also do a short overview of the scikit-learn library.
    Added 23 Jun 2020