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Survey Results

How old is your newest graphics card?

Survey period: 22 Aug 2022 to 29 Aug 2022

"Your" means "of the machines you get to use day to day", and include eGPUs such as compute sticks or Thunderbolt eGPUs

Less than a year old7510.32
1 - 3 years old16322.42
3 - 5 years old14820.36
Older than 5 years17423.93
I only have an embedded GPU (eg Intel HD or Iris, Apple M1)16722.97

GeneralGTX1080ti Founders x 2 Pin
DaveAuld27-Aug-22 20:57
professionalDaveAuld27-Aug-22 20:57 
GeneralLess than 24 hours Pin
Fred Kreppert26-Aug-22 9:45
Fred Kreppert26-Aug-22 9:45 
GeneralRTX 3060 Pin
matblue2523-Aug-22 8:47
professionalmatblue2523-Aug-22 8:47 
GeneralRe: RTX 3060 Pin
BillWoodruff24-Aug-22 4:00
professionalBillWoodruff24-Aug-22 4:00 
GeneralRe: RTX 3060 Pin
matblue2525-Aug-22 11:19
professionalmatblue2525-Aug-22 11:19 
GeneralI don't really have a clue. Pin
rnbergren23-Aug-22 5:17
rnbergren23-Aug-22 5:17 
GeneralBlender speed up Pin
AndyChisholm23-Aug-22 3:17
AndyChisholm23-Aug-22 3:17 
GeneralNot a gamer, just a dev Pin
Cpichols23-Aug-22 2:57
Cpichols23-Aug-22 2:57 
General3070RTX Pin
Mike (Prof. Chuck)23-Aug-22 2:28
professionalMike (Prof. Chuck)23-Aug-22 2:28 
GeneralRTX 2080ti - not hash rate limited Pin
honey the codewitch22-Aug-22 14:49
mvahoney the codewitch22-Aug-22 14:49 
GeneralNo Idea Pin
snorkie22-Aug-22 11:09
professionalsnorkie22-Aug-22 11:09 
GeneralGTX1050 Pin
  Forogar  22-Aug-22 8:04
professional  Forogar  22-Aug-22 8:04 
GeneralHaven't bought a dedicated video card in years PinPopular
kmoorevs22-Aug-22 5:23
kmoorevs22-Aug-22 5:23 
GeneralI believe mine came with the machine Pin
MarcusCole683322-Aug-22 5:23
professionalMarcusCole683322-Aug-22 5:23 
GeneralRTX3080 Pin
Mike Hankey22-Aug-22 4:06
professionalMike Hankey22-Aug-22 4:06 
GeneralRe: RTX3080 Pin
alan@1st-straw.com22-Aug-22 8:46
alan@1st-straw.com22-Aug-22 8:46 
GeneralRe: RTX3080 Pin
Mike Hankey22-Aug-22 8:52
professionalMike Hankey22-Aug-22 8:52 
General1-3 years Pin
Nelek22-Aug-22 1:33
protectorNelek22-Aug-22 1:33 
GeneralI may have lied... Pin
Sander Rossel22-Aug-22 0:16
professionalSander Rossel22-Aug-22 0:16 
GeneralWoah, thinking about it ... Pin
OriginalGriff21-Aug-22 21:09
mvaOriginalGriff21-Aug-22 21:09 
GeneralMine is a GTX660ti ... Pin
OriginalGriff21-Aug-22 19:37
mvaOriginalGriff21-Aug-22 19:37 
GeneralRe: Mine is a GTX660ti ... Pin
trønderen22-Aug-22 5:09
trønderen22-Aug-22 5:09 

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