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Is Their any Way to get the Datagridview selected Column index as well as column values to the rich text box with same allignment.Please suggest me
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 15-Mar-15 2:16am    
Probably there is, but what have you tried?[^]
Mallesh Shantagiri 15-Mar-15 3:32am    
I am Getting Selected columns index name With addition of "#",after that i am splitting each,here is the code.

public void textboxcontents(string hashedstring)
string[] unhash = hashedstring.Split('#');
// List<string>datas =new List<string>();
string te="";
ArrayList indexes = new ArrayList();
foreach (string s in unhash)
te = te +"\t"+ s+"\t";
int idx = getColumnIndex(s, dataGridView1.Columns);
if (idx != -1)

richTextBox1.AppendText("\t" + "My-Reports" + "\n" + "\n");
richTextBox1.Text = richTextBox1.Text + te + Environment.NewLine;
string data = string.Empty;
foreach (DataGridViewRow row in dataGridView1.Rows)
foreach (int idx in indexes)
data = data + String.Format("{0}",row.Cells[idx].Value) + "\t" + "\t";

richTextBox1.AppendText("\t"+ data + "\n");
data = string.Empty;
Sinisa Hajnal 16-Mar-15 3:05am    
Please move this code into the question (there is Improve question link) - this is hard to read. Thank you.

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