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Good Day

I want to show warning message user is about to leave the page by typing url in browser
i wrote this code this only work fine safari and firefox

For chrome and IE it works fine only when t=i erite proper url in the browser eg
i write anyting like eg. wewewwww and presss enter it does work properly in chrome and IE

window.onbeforeunload = function (e) {

            /* Getting flag value for Browser if it has been set to true or not */

                /*if true show warning message*/

                    var evtobj = window.event ? event : e;
                    if (evtobj == e) {
                        if (!evtobj.clientY) {
                            return "You have not saved your data. Do you really want to leave this page?";

Dennis E White 10-Sep-14 14:29pm    
are they leaving the page based on a POST or GET??
surajemo 12-Sep-14 9:35am    
no by typing a new url in the browser or by typing just a random alphabets and pressing enter key

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