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Im having some data in excel say:
1 aa bb cc
2 dd ee ff

The first two columns have to be stored to master table in database(MS Sql) and the other two , to a child table which is related using foreign key. How can we append this data to mastertable and child table. If the master table already contains data it will append the first column since its auto incremented. eg
I have master table with data
1 xx
.. ..
.. ..
100 pp
so i want to store next- 1 aa below this, so the 1 will not be entered as 1 but 101, it will be
101 aa
and in child table
101 ee ff
How can I achieve this, separate data, put in two different tables and maintain the foreign key relation?
Mayank Vashishtha 20-Aug-14 2:30am    
OK. So where are you stuck? Kindly elaborate.
Star_Rookie 20-Aug-14 2:58am    
Well I am also a tad unsure as to exactly what your question is, but as I understand it, you are trying to add a key manually (the foreign key i presume...?) depending on how your stuff looks, it could be resolved by saying "SELECT TOP 1 WHERE foreignKey IS NULL" but I am not sure if this is of any use as I am not sure what you are asking, and the example is just a thought that might get you started? I hope anyways. =)

1 solution

Please use the following steps.

1. Read the uploaded excel file to the datatable.
2. Run the loop for the datatable.
3. Build an insert statement with the columns of the master table and store it in a variable.
4. Build an insert statement with the columns of the child table and store it in a variable.
5. Execute the above queries after the datatable loop.
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