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I am making cryptocurrency tracker and predictor web application for final year project. Can anyone please help me with what should i do:? We thought of making crypto tracker using APIs and predictive analysis model predicting the closing of crypto on the day which is chosen. We want help for prediction model and also the prediction model should be implemented into some web application. and last do you think this project is good for final year?

What I have tried:

We are still on the thinking stage we will start making our project right after our exams are over.
Updated 29-Nov-22 3:20am
Gerry Schmitz 29-Nov-22 15:00pm    
I would think if this was an actual "final year project", the profs, advisors, whatever would provide some input.

Given the fact that you are asking other people to advise on how to make this project, I would suggest it is not a good choice. You should go for something that you already understand so you can get straight on with the actual design and coding.
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74_Shubham Mourya [CO] 29-Nov-22 7:10am    
Hi, we have already taken this project as final year project, i am asking if this project is correct choice for a final year project
Richard MacCutchan 29-Nov-22 7:25am    
Firstly, this forum is for specific programming questions. Secondly, you are asking the wrong people. No one here can judge whether this is a good or bad choice of project; we have no idea of your skillset or experience in programming, or your knowledge of the inner workings of cryptocurrencies. And lastly, if you have already taken this as your final year project, then it is a bit late to ask whether the choice is the right one.
Hi, we have already taken this project as final year project, i am asking if this project is correct choice for a final year project

If you have already decided, then that's a moot point.

Is it appropriate in my opinion? No.
Firstly, as Richard has said, you are better off selecting something you actually know about rather than a nebulous "i want to do this thing" project with no real defined target. Without that, you never know when something is finished!

And secondly a "cryptocurrency tracker and predictor"? Really? A tracker is pretty simple, but since the value of any crypto is governed mostly by unknown factors beyond your control there is no reliable crypto predictor in existence. Because it's not a reliable currency: it rises and falls in response to people being arrested, going bust, starting a new crypto, deciding to buy them. Then sell them. Then buy Twatter. Then not. Then kamakazi the company into a volcano. Start a war. End a war.

If anyone thought that you could write a reliable, accurate predictor of future crypto performance you would have more money thrown at you than most countries take in as taxes ...

And a failed final project - one that doesn't work - is that going to get you a good grade? I doubt it.
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74_Shubham Mourya [CO] 29-Nov-22 8:25am    
We are just using the APIs to make tracker of crypto and mainly focus on the making closing rate of the coin by using some dataset
So how do you plan to predict the impact of social media posts of certain celebrities on the price of crypto? Yes, it happens, and that's why I don't gamble in crypto markets.
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