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I am trying to write a command to a serial port. I have constructed the code below to connect to the serial port with the settings I am looking to have but I am running into the issue of how to set up the code to send the command I am looking to send. The C# code I have set up is:

Any ideas would be extremely helpful, I am still brand new to C#

namespace System.IO.Ports
    class SerialPort
        // Create the serial port with basic settings
        private SerialPort port = new SerialPort("COM5",
          9600, Parity.None, 8, StopBits.One);

        public SerialPort(string v1, int v2, Parity none, int v3, StopBits V4)
            V1 = "com5";
            V2 = 115200;
            None = (Parity)0;
            V3 = 8;
            V4 = (StopBits)1;

        public string V1 { get; }
        public int V2 { get; }
        public Parity None { get; }
        public int V3 { get; }
        public StopBits One { get; }

         public void Write(string text)
        {text = "IMGSNP1L1B0T";}


What I have tried:

The powershell version of this command is:


I have also tried

but get errors due the SerialPort.Write

Im a little lost on how I am able to send the command directly to the port
Updated 9-Aug-22 7:04am
0x01AA 9-Aug-22 13:02pm    
You forgot to open the serial port port.Open()
WadeWilson3 9-Aug-22 13:45pm    
Thank you so much! of course I forgot that.
WadeWilson3 9-Aug-22 16:32pm    
Do you know where in my code I should add the open? I have tried a few different areas but always get errors with it
0x01AA 10-Aug-22 2:03am    
Before you try to write to the port. To be sure it is open you can do this e.g. in the constructor of your class.
Have a look to solution 1, there you will find a link to a cp article which shows the basics in an easy way.

1 solution

You forgot to open the serial port. You do this with:

See here for a basic and easy to understand article on CP for serial port handling in c#:
Serial Comms in C# for Beginners[^]
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