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if (m_ser_1 == NULL) // c++ has no null
        // no match for ‘operator==’ (operand types are ‘QSerialPort’ and ‘long int’)
	    	MessageBoxRed("m_ser_1 == None. must have at least one board");

	    if (m_ser_2 == nullptr)
        // no match for ‘operator==’ (operand types are ‘QSerialPort’ and ‘std::nullptr_t’)
     	MessageBoxRed("m_ser_2 == None. may or may not have only one board");
	    if (m_ser_3 == null)
         // ‘null’ was not declared in this scope
	        MessageBoxRed("m_ser_3 == None. may or may not have only one board");

What I have tried:

i even tried \0 , /0 , '\0' , QVariant::f_null
Updated 28-Oct-21 10:43am

In C++ there is nullptr (see nullptr, the pointer literal -[^].
However if you reported the exact compiler message, m_ser_1 is NOT a pointer, so you can't check it against nullptr.
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thank you CPallini, I was think of "m_ser_1 is NOT a pointer" as a pointer, and code was treating it as a pointer, but just goes to show how sloppy python can get. Found in latter code that it was not a pointer.
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Richard Deeming 29-Oct-21 5:11am    
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