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This only works if row is 0. Why?


I'm trying to fire a trigger on the second cell in any row of a table who's Id is #Item.

What I have tried:

All kinds of versions of lame jquery attempts after googling all night.
Either what I try will only operate on table row 0 or not at all on any row.
Updated 19-Mar-21 11:45am

Thank you.

I will give that a go.
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Patrice T 19-Mar-21 17:54pm    
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IDs in an HTML document must be unique. Only one element in the document can have the ID Item, so $('#Item') (or document.querySelectorAll('#Item')) will only ever return a single element.

Based on your description, your table's ID is Item. If you call $('#Item').eq(1) you are asking for the second element in the document with the ID Item, which obviously can't exist.

I suspect you want something like:
$('#Item tr').eq(row).trigger('change');

NB: If you have nested tables, this will not work properly; the rows of the nested tables will also be matched by the tr selector.

Assuming you've structured your table properly, you'll need:
$('#Item > tbody > tr').eq(row);
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