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I just wanted to ask a simple question about MongoDB and javascript (express js).

Here are my requirements:

I am trying to create a back-end service for films and series. I created most of the basic routes and functions. I want to pick a film from the database for the "Movie Of The Day" subtitle.

I wrote a function that can run after midnight (00:00) but when I refresh the page it keeps continue to get random data.

How can I create a function that can pick a movie randomly just once a day?

Do you want me to extend my question with my routes? Let me know.

What I have tried:

My Function:

    function filterFilmsForImbd(films,imbd){
        let filmChances = [];
            if(film.imbdScore >= imbd){
        return filmChances;
    //Movie Of The Day
    function movieOfTheDay(films) {
        const date = new Date();
        if (date.getHours() >= 0) {
            let arr = filterFilmsForImbd(films,7)
            let numberOfFilmChances = arr.length;
            let randomFilmPicker = Math.floor(Math.random() * numberOfFilmChances);
            return arr[randomFilmPicker]//returns object (film object)
    //Recommended Films
    function recommendedMovies(films){
       return  filterFilmsForImbd(films,5);
Updated 2-Feb-21 19:44pm
oLiontas 3-Feb-21 2:41am    
You must set a variable counter to localstorage. Lets say true or false. If true then you can run the function if false stop.

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