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Hello readers. I have a simple but yet complex situation here. I have a lot of vcproj files from software libraries that I have downloaded (FreeGLUT, ffmpeg, SOIL, ...). I have a PC with very low hardware (only got 1 GB RAM and very old processor) which doesn't allow me to run Visual Studio on it. But I can run Dev C++ like butter. So can you guys please help me and suggest me a tool to convert vcproj files to Dev projects. What I want is a third party tool that can do it for me. Thank you for reading.

What I have tried:

I have searched for it on the internet and found a tool called vcbuild which can build .dsp files which I can import into Dev C++ but it also seems to be a part of the Visual Studio package.
Updated 23-Jul-20 6:57am

don't you think that it's quite cumbersome to convert around *50* files !
Personally I would write a program or script to do that.
I don't know what is its structure
Try creating a simple project in Dev C++ and look at the resulting project file. Alternatively download a Dev C++ project from their website and look at that. If you do go down that route you might find this useful Understanding the Project File | Microsoft Docs[^]
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VD-Flash 23-Jul-20 9:47am    
Thank you for this
Richard MacCutchan 23-Jul-20 12:33pm    
+5, we make a good team. :)
CHill60 24-Jul-20 3:44am    
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CHill60 23-Jul-20 12:26pm    
I am not sure is there is a tool to create "Dev" files since I never used that IDE. But vcproj are text XML format files and it should be nearly effortless to parse them and generate "Dev" file as long as you know what the .sec internal file structure is
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VD-Flash 23-Jul-20 8:39am    
That could be a problem. I don't know what is its structure. And if I even knew what is the structure, don't you think that it's quite cumbersome to convert around *50* files !
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Richard MacCutchan 23-Jul-20 10:40am    
The question is about converting from Dev C++, not Microsoft.

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