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I want to execute an external file and do something when the file was closed
Process. WaitForExit()
Method does not work and return null Exception
please help me.

What I have tried:

Process ExecFile = Process.Start(FilePath);
Updated 3-Aug-22 3:51am

It depends on what is in your FilePath - if it's the name of a data file (.jpg for example) then the process isn't necessarily kicked off by the "run this" request - the system decides what app to run and if there is a single app it may kick it off and return a Process. If it isn't, then a null Process is returned, and you can't wait for it to exit (as the process that is started is a system dialog box).
On my system, a .XLSX will work and open Excel, then wait for an exit, but a .JPG will not, and returns immediately.
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This means that ExecFile is null at the time you are calling the WaitForExit() method.
According to Process.Start Method (System.Diagnostics) | Microsoft Docs[^], it could be that
A new Process that is associated with the process resource, or null if no process resource is started.
If the address of the executable file to start is a URL, the process is not started and null is returned.
Now it's up to you to investigate this; please use your debugger for this purpose: put a breakpoint on the process initialization line, start a debug session (F5 on Visual Studio), then execute line-by-line (F11) and watch carefully for the values held by your variables. We cannot do that for you.
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