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The Serverless vs. Microservices architecture design 

what does the future of business computing look?

However, we are building large and complex microservice-based applications for a Property management system for hotels (for example, when handling hundreds of microservice types)

How do we develop Microservices I.e microservice architecture or Serverless functions which one best option?

Can guide me on how we approach the development, and management, and architecture of my application.

How can client apps minimize the number of requests to the back end and reduce chatty communication to multiple microservices?

How can you handle cross-cutting concerns such as authorization, data transformations, and dynamic request dispatching?

How can client apps communicate with services that use non-Internet-friendly protocols?

How can you shape a facade especially made for mobile apps?

How can provide the single sign-on to all my serverless functions if we go with azure functions?

What I have tried:

I am new to Serverless vs. Microservices architecture
Updated 27-Feb-20 2:05am

While this is question is related to coding; it is not a good question for a Quick Answers forum which is aimed at solving a problem with specific code.

My suggestion would be to do your research; a lot of these "new" gadgets and gizmos have been in production systems long before the terms describing them.

For example I consume approximately 250 single function APIs. Instead of our portals having each one defined, we utilize web services that aggregate them AND also handles authorization. I had an intern a couple of years ago tell us that we should utilize MicroServices... and doing his research figured out that we actually were using them
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What does the future of business computing look?
If we could foretell the future we would all be billionaires.

As to the rest of your questions, this is a Technical Quick Answers forum. your question is far too broad to be answered here. You need to use google to find research papers on the subject.
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