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difference between new and malloc. What is the advantage of using new as compared to malloc()
Updated 18-Jan-14 5:30am
Barakat S. 29-Oct-12 10:48am    
Hey anama, have a look at this question: The diffuseness have been explained pretty well from many different aspects.

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new will allocate the memory and call the constructor of the object. (delete will call the destructor and free the memomry).
malloc will only allocate the memory. (it will only free the memory).
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new is a better choice that is you can alloc the memory have the type in your program
The malloc() is only alloc the memory or not have the type
You can see from the MSDN
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new and delete are C++ specific features. They didnt exist in C. malloc is the old school C way to do things. Most of the time, you wont need to use it in C++.

* malloc allocates uninitialized memory. The allocated memory has to be released with free.
* calloc is like malloc but initializes the allocated memory with a constant (0). It needs to be freed with free.
* new initializes the allocated memory by calling the constructor (if its an object). Memory allocated with new should be released with delete (which in turn calls the destructor). It does not need you to manually specify the size you need and cast it to the appropriate type. Thus, its more modern and less prone to errors.
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fjdiewornncalwe 3-Dec-12 10:04am    
Plagiarized. Cite your source if you copy/paste.
There are other differences between malloc and new. Notably, the most used form of new throws an exception on failure. See "new at"[^].
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Stefan_Lang 20-Jan-14 5:19am    
Did you notice the date of the question?
CPallini 20-Jan-14 5:57am    
Nope. 'Agent_Spock' update fouled me.

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