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Yesterday I was practicing my rusty C++ and trying to learn DirectX on Windows 8.
One of the (WinRT, C++/CX) sample had a class like that

ref class A
private protected:
 int num;

Now I'm confused.. what is this 'private protected' thing?
I know protected (only accessible to subclass) or private (accessible to no one else), but what of 'private protected'????
Mohibur Rashid 11-Sep-12 21:29pm    
does this compile at all? it does not in my machine.

if it is

then it make sense.
lewax00 11-Sep-12 23:10pm    
I have to agree with Mohibur, that doesn't look valid. It's probably a typo (but if it does compile...then it's very interesting because it's the first I've heard of it).
Super Lloyd 11-Sep-12 23:48pm    
I don't have windows 8 at work but....

I just checked the MSDN sample from (which I did compile and run at home):

In C++\DirectXBase.h:40 => "protected private:"
And it compiles and run!
[no name] 12-Sep-12 2:12am    
Could you provide the actual code?
Jochen Arndt 12-Sep-12 4:13am    
See here:
If the code is not shown, select Lesson1 - DirectXBase.h on the left side.

1 solution

See Member Visibility[^] in the MSDN.
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[no name] 12-Sep-12 4:27am    
Beat me.
Jochen Arndt 12-Sep-12 4:30am    
By less than a minute.
Mohibur Rashid 12-Sep-12 4:42am    
Super Lloyd 12-Sep-12 4:52am    
Ho this is a new C++/Cx thing, cool!
Thanks for this complete answer! :)
Jochen Arndt 12-Sep-12 4:56am    
It was new to me too. But not so new when introduced with VS 2005.

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