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Hi There. Can some one help me on this. I want to develop a system so that when the caller calls my number, the call is forwarded to my PC Apllication which then should be able to extract the calling number, compares with the ones in the database and display related record details. My Application should also be able to make calls via some modem.

Kind assist on what i need to get started. Programming wise, am good (C# and C++)!
Code-o-mat 15-May-12 6:35am    
Just a suggestion: you might try downloading Float's mobile agent ( ), the sources are -i believe- available, if you are good at programming as you said, you could try studying it to see how it works. It's written in borland Delphi though...
chaiwa 15-May-12 7:08am    
Thank you for your advice. What i realy need is not application to enbale to connect to the PC and manage or use my phone on the pc, but a development environment/tools that can enable me hook my app with a telephone modem and be able to redirect my calls to my computer application. If fma can enbale me do this, then i will be more than happy.

Code-o-mat 15-May-12 7:14am    
Check out Windows TAPI ( ), could that help you?
chaiwa 15-May-12 7:28am    
Great Stuff! It looks to have what i am looking for. Do you have experience developing similar systems???

Code-o-mat 15-May-12 7:31am    
Nope, sorry, never used it, i just remembered it exists. I will add this as a solution so others can easily find it.

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Microsoft's Telephony API[^] might have what you are looking for.
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