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I try to import xml file from my ERP software to Tally. I convert the datatable datas to xml format and give the tally path to import. But when i tried this I am always getting "The URL is not recognized protocol? How to solve this problem and import xml to Tally?

What I have tried:

I tried to change the settings in tally, it is not working. I took the xml format and imported manually, it is import.
David_Wimbley 2-Jan-18 0:37am    
How do you expect anyone to help without any code? You posted as though we were watching over your shoulder as when you tried to run your code.

You need to use improve question to formulate your question so people who wish to help can. That would mean writing your question in a clear and concise manner with any relevant code samples of where the issue may be/you are stuck so that we can attempt to replicate your problem if we so desire.
Member 10556393 2-Jan-18 0:42am    
I am fetching xml format into dataset,

Then, i split and store into one string vairable, like below
strXMLData = dsTally.Tables[0].Rows[0]["Invoice"].ToString();
strXMLData = strXMLData + dsTally.Tables[1].Rows[0]["Invoice1"].ToString();
strXMLData = strXMLData + dsTally.Tables[2].Rows[0]["Invoice2"].ToString();

I am using the xmlhttp class,
MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP objHTTP = new ServerXMLHTTP();
I passed the tally path from Textbox
ServerIP = txtTallyPath.Text.ToString();

{"POST", ServerIP, false, null, null);
//MessageBox.Show("Post Method Complete", "ERP", MessageBoxButtons.OK);

//MessageBox.Show("send XML Data", "ERP", MessageBoxButtons.OK);
catch (System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException ex)
ErrorLogClass.SendError(ex, formName, "");

In this line i am getting the error message.
Exception from HRESULT: 0x80072EE6....
David_Wimbley 2-Jan-18 1:02am    
Given your error is in the URL the relevant info is probably with whatever value you have for ServerIP. My guess is that either you've got a typo in the ip/hostname or it isn't being set.

What is txtTallPath.Text.ToString and how is it being set. I've never used the ServerXMLHTTP class so my guess is you are typing in an IP address and not appending http:// to the front if it possibly. Regardless, i think this is where your issue is.
Member 10556393 2-Jan-18 1:47am    
Thanks for your reply. Now i got the following error message, The 'br' start tag on line 1 does not match the end tag of 'RESPONSE'. Line 1, position 543.....
But i am not using Response tag and I am clearly checked the open and end tags. It is correct and I copied the datas opened in notepad++, saved as filename.xml. Then i import in Tally, it is imported successfully and I have the data what i have in xml format.

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