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I need an output for a function. This function has to return weekly pay. I think I have the function part the way I need it put I can't figure out to do an alert stating what the pay is. I need to be able for it to calculate regular pay or overtime pay depending on the hours and rate from the prompts. I can get the prompts to work but every alert statement I tried either did not give the weekly pay or if it did calculate the pay I could not get it to calculate for overtime pay.
Here is what I have so far:

<script type="text/javascript">
function payForWeek(pay)
   var regPay ;
   var overTime ;
   if (hours <=  40)
      regPay =  (hours * rate) ;
   else (hours > 40)
      overTime((hours - 40)*1.5*rate + 40*rate);
   return regPay ;
   return overTime ;
var regPay;
var overTime;
hours  = prompt ("Enter your hours",  "") ;
rate  = prompt ("Enter your rate",  "") ;

Updated 29-Sep-10 5:56am
Sushant Joshi 29-Sep-10 23:06pm    
Hi, Did you try the method suggested by me, did it work ?

Write three JS Functions, and add them on page load like

<body onload="javascript:fnSaveHours();fnSaveRate();fnCalculatePay();"> 

In the first two functions, save the value in respective hidden variables in the page by capturing through prompt. In the last calculate the Pay based on two previously captured values.
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I have indented your original question, and revealed the answer.
Originally, I indented it because it makes it easier to read, but it shows clearly what your problem is: If your code executes a return statement, it leaves the function. So any statements after the first return will never be executed.
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