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Hello All , i'm stucked in C# , to get the percentile from array of column values .please check the below code and let me know how can i pass the arguments to the method .

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public double Percentile(double[] sequence, double excelPercentile)
            int N = sequence.Length;
            double n = (N - 1) * excelPercentile + 1;
            // Another method: double n = (N + 1) * excelPercentile;
            if (n == 1d) return sequence[0];
            else if (n == N) return sequence[N - 1];
                int k = (int)n;
                double d = n - k;
                return sequence[k - 1] + d * (sequence[k] - sequence[k - 1]);

and i have the array of data - and also k value as 0.95.
percentile(myarray , K);
the above method sending me error . please let me know , what is my mistake.

What I have tried:

When i call the method

percentile(myarray , K);
i have doubt here at calling the method

Error :
Object reference is required for non-static field, method .
Updated 8-Aug-16 1:59am
Patrice T 8-Aug-16 6:50am    
And you plan to tell us which error message and where ?
Mallesh Shantagiri 8-Aug-16 6:57am    
Hi , When i call the method as below
percentile(myarray , K); ,

Error : An object reference required for non -static field ,method,property.
Patrice T 8-Aug-16 7:00am    
Use Improve question to update your question.
Mallesh Shantagiri 8-Aug-16 7:04am    
Hi, I have updated the question , Please let me know how can i solve it.

1 solution

The error "An object reference is required for the non-static field, method, or property" is well documented. Check this: Compiler Error CS0120[^]
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