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I have 27 years of experience as a professional software developer. I have a degree in Multimedia, another in Interactive Media, and more than enough credit hours to earn a degree in Software Engineering.

I discovered programming and multimedia in the mid-1990s. In 1998, I switched my college major for a third time. I had finally found something that was fascinating to me. While attending the University of Advancing Technology, I started out working for small web design agencies. In my junior year, I was chosen by the university out of 200 other applicants to become the Webmaster for the public internet website, as well as the university's private intranet website. I worked in the IT department for over three years, and I really enjoyed earning such valuable knowledge. Within the first month, my goal was to organize 30,000 university documents into a massive new website overhaul. I was responsible for developing custom client-side, and server-side software systems. I developed applications for both Windows and Linux OS platforms. I administered database servers, and web servers running Internet Information Services. I designed and created user interfaces for dozens of software tools used by the university and its students. I managed interns, developed tools for marketing, and tools to facilitate efficient collaboration and convenient communication between all students and staff. I worked alongside the Search Engine Optimization director and developed extensive expertise in internet marketing.

In 2003, I completed a 5-year effort to launch my own e-commerce website. I hosted millions of retail products from 5,300 retailers in thousands of shopping categories. I developed large custom software suites, writing hundreds of thousands of code in total. That's just a minuscule snapshot of my experience, but I'm running out of characters, so I will end it here.



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GeneralMy Inline Menu Item Reordering Feature is Almost Complete Pin
Steve Raw20-Dec-23 17:05
professionalSteve Raw20-Dec-23 17:05 
GeneralNew Feature Allowing Users to Reorder Inline Menu Items Pin
Steve Raw16-Dec-23 20:09
professionalSteve Raw16-Dec-23 20:09 
GeneralA Bug Popped Up Out of Nowhere Pin
Steve Raw13-Dec-23 10:29
professionalSteve Raw13-Dec-23 10:29 
GeneralToday's Wallpaper Background Pin
Steve Raw21-Nov-23 11:27
professionalSteve Raw21-Nov-23 11:27 
GeneralA Stupid Mistake Pin
Steve Raw20-Nov-23 20:30
professionalSteve Raw20-Nov-23 20:30 
GeneralImplementing an HTTP Client Pin
Steve Raw20-Nov-23 7:24
professionalSteve Raw20-Nov-23 7:24 
GeneralI thought it wasn't possible Pin
Steve Raw19-Nov-23 6:29
professionalSteve Raw19-Nov-23 6:29 
I had an idea several months ago that I got around to testing just yesterday.
I spent about 12 hours experimenting to see if my idea could possibly be implemented.

My idea didn't sound possible, but I had to find out.
I wanted to make a web page that would fetch a specified URL,
remove the entire web page's DOM, and replace it with the HTTP
data of the given URL. I preferred to have it all done on the client side
using JavaScript, but I found that doing so doesn't work.

I was able to remove the entire DOM from the web page that loads the URL HTML,
and I was able to replace the blank page with the DOM of the HTML loaded from the
URL. It worked fine, but upon doing this, the new DOM didn't function. It was in place
and everything was present, but when adding the new DOM, the page didn't trigger the
body onload event. Without an onload event, the new page DOM wouldn't operate.

To make the new DOM load, I created a synthetic load event. After removing the original
page DOM, and replacing it with the new DOM, I triggered the load event. That worked fine,
and it called the 'start()' function. It generated an error stating that 'start()' is
undefined. So, I made a function to reload all the JavaScripts on the page by refreshing
their src attribute. Still, it didn't work.

I realized that I couldn't do this using JavaScript alone. I would have to build
a server-side HTTP client component to do the job, but something else occurred to me.
I could take the HTML data that I fetched, submit that data to the server, and let the server
write the new page HTML and send it to the client.

I couldn't believe it. I didn't think it was possible, and if it were possible, I didn't
think I could pull it off. Then I got it to work for the first time and I laughed! I
couldn't believe that it worked perfectly. I felt I had done the impossible.

Try it out here: Chromosphere: HTTP GET HTML[^]

You can check out the JavaScript I wrote to handle the client-side of this feature:[^]

Notice that my hyperlink to the page has query string parameters. The first parameter is named 'url' and its value is the URL
string you want to load. The 'id' parameter designates an HTML element that you want to grab inside the URL's document HTML. I haven't yet implemented that feature just yet, but it pulls up pages from any given URL within my domain. There's the issue of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing that prevents a javascript HTTP client from loading data from URLs located on different websites.
GeneralScreen Capture of Today's Wallpaper Pin
Steve Raw17-Nov-23 16:29
professionalSteve Raw17-Nov-23 16:29 
GeneralMy 1st Blog Post Pin
Steve Raw17-Nov-23 10:05
professionalSteve Raw17-Nov-23 10:05 

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