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I work on R&D for Frotcom International, a company that develops web-based fleet management solutions.



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GeneralQA: How do I copy a file from the desktop to the Pocket PC? Pin
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professionalJoão Paulo Figueira17-May-05 5:14 
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João Paulo Figueira30-Apr-05 5:03
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira30-Apr-05 5:03 
GeneralCEDB .NET Pin
João Paulo Figueira24-Apr-05 23:13
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QuestionRe: CEDB .NET Pin
rajesh_s7619-May-06 1:37
rajesh_s7619-May-06 1:37 
GeneralQA: How do I rename a SQL CE table? Pin
João Paulo Figueira31-Mar-05 22:51
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira31-Mar-05 22:51 
GeneralAn MFC Header Bar with embeddable controls Pin
João Paulo Figueira25-Feb-05 5:37
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira25-Feb-05 5:37 
GeneralQA: Where is the MulDiv function? Pin
João Paulo Figueira25-Jan-05 3:12
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GeneralBookmarks and the ATL OLE DB Consumer Templates Pin
João Paulo Figueira14-Dec-04 1:12
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira14-Dec-04 1:12 
GeneralQA: How do I know if SQL Server CE is installed on my Pocket PC? Pin
João Paulo Figueira10-Dec-04 6:22
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira10-Dec-04 6:22 
GeneralThe Data Port Component C# API Pin
João Paulo Figueira22-Nov-04 0:55
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira22-Nov-04 0:55 
GeneralATL OLE DB Consumer Templates Schemas Pin
João Paulo Figueira6-Nov-04 6:21
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira6-Nov-04 6:21 
GeneralSQL CE Console Preview Pin
João Paulo Figueira8-Oct-04 6:02
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira8-Oct-04 6:02 
GeneralUpdate to atldbcli_ce.h Pin
João Paulo Figueira25-Aug-04 4:04
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira25-Aug-04 4:04 
GeneralQA: Where is the cancel button? Pin
João Paulo Figueira24-Aug-04 4:08
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira24-Aug-04 4:08 
GeneralMVP Profile now online Pin
João Paulo Figueira9-Jul-04 12:24
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira9-Jul-04 12:24 
GeneralData Port Wizard Public Beta Pin
João Paulo Figueira22-Jun-04 5:26
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira22-Jun-04 5:26 
GeneralA Classic Error Pin
João Paulo Figueira20-May-04 3:34
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira20-May-04 3:34 
GeneralOLE DB BLOBs Pin
João Paulo Figueira11-May-04 1:11
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira11-May-04 1:11 
GeneralMore corrections to atldbcli_ce.h Pin
João Paulo Figueira3-May-04 11:36
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira3-May-04 11:36 
If you read my last article on database development for the Pocket PC (Using the ATL OLE DB Consumer Templates on the Pocket PC[^]), I skipped some necessary changes to the original Microsoft code. These will correct the way the status field is accessed on the CDynamicAccessor data buffer. Locate the first GetStatus method, and change the code to look this way:
bool GetStatus(ULONG nColumn, DBSTATUS* pStatus) const
    ATLASSERT(pStatus != NULL);
    if (TranslateColumnNo(nColumn))
        *pStatus = 
            m_pColumnInfo[nColumn].ulColumnSize), sizeof(ULONG)));
        return true;
        return false;

Correct all other address calculations (copy and paste it). Note that the original code is not consistent in calculating the status address.

João Paulo Figueira
Embedded MVP
GeneralUsing the ATL OLE DB Consumer Templates Pin
João Paulo Figueira9-Mar-04 23:47
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira9-Mar-04 23:47 
GeneralQA: How do I read from and write to an ini file? Pin
João Paulo Figueira9-Feb-04 6:03
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira9-Feb-04 6:03 
GeneralQA: How do I embed a Pocket Word document in my application? Pin
João Paulo Figueira30-Jan-04 5:59
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira30-Jan-04 5:59 
GeneralQA: How do I right-align a button on a toolbar? Pin
João Paulo Figueira21-Jan-04 3:23
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira21-Jan-04 3:23 
GeneralQA: How can I install ADOCE 3.1? Pin
João Paulo Figueira18-Nov-03 7:48
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira18-Nov-03 7:48 
GeneralQA: How do I add a title to a view? Pin
João Paulo Figueira29-Oct-03 0:17
professionalJoão Paulo Figueira29-Oct-03 0:17 

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