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I work on an industrial HPC project that can run on either the CPU or the GPU. I usually use which ever one has the most horsepower on a given machine. It's written with CUDA with very few ifdefs used. My company is quite large, in the top five in our industry in North America, and I work in a small group with just five programmers.



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GeneralRobot Simulators Pin
Rick York15-Feb-21 10:43
mveRick York15-Feb-21 10:43 
GeneralThe Image That Started the Kerfluffel Pin
Rick York5-Dec-20 8:36
mveRick York5-Dec-20 8:36 
GeneralMy Avatar Pin
Rick York19-Dec-19 11:17
mveRick York19-Dec-19 11:17 
GeneralWeird Behavior By A Website's Owner Pin
Rick York15-Jun-18 5:42
mveRick York15-Jun-18 5:42 
A while ago I ran across an website with some very interesting mathematically generated images. The site has been around a while so I have good reason to believe that the images were either ray-traced or used some other rendering technique. I recently got interested in 3D graphics again so I started trying to replicate some of the images on the site using OpenGL for amusement. By the way, the site is A Virtual Space Time Travel Machine[^]. When I started doing this I went to the site and saved a few of the images on my machine. This was just the simple "right-click and save image as" thing and I saved maybe six images. The other day I went back there and they have made the section of the site I was most interested in password protected. What the hell? I save six images to my machine and they think they have an access problem? I really don't get it. I have been doing this kind of thing (saving images) since the early 1990s and this is the first time I have ever seen a site owner react by restricting access to parts of it. That is the weirdest thing about it too. It is only that one section I saved images from that seems to be restricted which is what makes me think it was a result of what I did. FWIW, the section was called "Pictures of Mathematics." Is saving a few images something that would lead you to restrict access to your site? Also, what do they think I will do with those images, which were formerly publicly accessible, that could be so troublesome that they would restrict access to them? I find this all to be very puzzling.
GeneralRe: Weird Behavior By A Website's Owner Pin
Rick York15-Apr-19 13:05
mveRick York15-Apr-19 13:05 

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