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I am currently a GIS Software Engineer working for a company in downtown Atlanta. I find it especially interesting merging both of these wonderful fields into an enjoyable career. I believe that applications will require growing spatial awareness. I love writing, reading and developing code, architecture and I am heavily involved in design patterns and testing frameworks.


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GeneralMoving On Pin
Aaron VanWieren27-Feb-08 3:25
Aaron VanWieren27-Feb-08 3:25 
GeneralWhat Makes a Community Pin
Aaron VanWieren21-Aug-07 0:04
Aaron VanWieren21-Aug-07 0:04 
GeneralNeogeographers,Photosynth Nasa and Google Analytics - Week in review Pin
Aaron VanWieren10-Aug-07 2:17
Aaron VanWieren10-Aug-07 2:17 
This week has been a busy week for me both at work and on my website. I have had a strong idea of topics to post and had written several pieces in my head, but just never made the time to write the posts. So, this week I decided to bang away at the keys and started posting stuff that I have been wanting to write about for a while. Feels good to be actively busy and start to see some activity there.

Otherwise this week in the geoblog sphere there has been discussions on what exactly are neogeographers and how are they affecting cartographic representation of spatial data. This discussion stemmed from an interview with Steve Chilton, Chairman of the Society of Cartographers - Here is a blurb from my site:

In a recent post on Google Earth Design, Rich Treves interviewed Steve Chilton,Chairman of the Society of Cartographers. In this interview Chilton reflects on trends in modern cartography and map production, referring to the new breed of map producers as NeoGeographers. Further Chilton simplifies NeoGeography/NeoCartography to the production of maps over the internet and credits the users as simple and uncaring of traditional cartographic and geographic principles. While I am sure this definitely is the case for some of the internet mapping producers, I feel his description to be an extreme oversimplification of who is producing geographic content published on the internet. So this raises the queston what is NeoGeography and how should it and its producers be defined?
From: NeoGeographers and NeoGeography Oh My!!!

As well, I have posted an article to the August 6th anouncement that NASA would have collections available in Microsoft's photosynth application, currently in developmehnt. You can find out more from here:
Nasa and Photosynth Team Up[^]

Not a whole lot code or development wise, but should have allot more of that in coming weeks. One really nice discovery for me was actually using Google Analytics to get site statistical information regarding my website. I will say the UI on this tool is nothing short of Amazing and it gives so much information. I have actually found my self playing with all the little detailed views and filters for hours, just because it is really cool to get that level of site/visitor information. My favorite feature so far has been the map. I just love looking at visits from other countries and seeing what they are interested in. Can't tell you why I love it so much, I just do.

Aaron Cool | :cool:


Our developers never release
code. Rather, it tends to escape, pillaging the countryside all around.

The Enlightenment Project (paraphrased comment)

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GeneralAbout Me - Humorous Aside Pin
Aaron VanWieren8-Aug-07 5:53
Aaron VanWieren8-Aug-07 5:53 
GeneralDigital GIS Ramblings Pin
Aaron VanWieren7-Aug-07 8:26
Aaron VanWieren7-Aug-07 8:26 
GeneralCRM's and Settng up personal sites Pin
Aaron VanWieren29-Jan-07 0:04
Aaron VanWieren29-Jan-07 0:04 
GeneralMad with POWER!!! Pin
Aaron VanWieren27-Jan-07 16:06
Aaron VanWieren27-Jan-07 16:06 
GeneralHere Goes Nothing Pin
Aaron VanWieren26-Jan-07 3:41
Aaron VanWieren26-Jan-07 3:41 
GeneralRe: Here Goes Nothing Pin
Bradml26-Jan-07 4:00
Bradml26-Jan-07 4:00 
GeneralRe: Here Goes Nothing Pin
Aaron VanWieren26-Jan-07 4:12
Aaron VanWieren26-Jan-07 4:12 

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