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I have developed a desktop application in C# that uses Sql Server 2005 express edition to store data.

The database server works fine with small size of data, but now I have more than 10,000 entries in a table, and when I fetch data from this table it takes quite a lot of time.

Also I have created a view on this table which contains some subqueries.
This view is not opening with this data size, and sql server is returning "time out expiration" error.

I do not understand why server is behaving like this with this size of data, after all it is a server.

I have 2.8 processor with 1 GB of RAM.

If someone have knowledge about this issue please tell me.
Updated 7-Jun-10 22:06pm
Dalek Dave 8-Jun-10 4:07am    
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Just because you label it a server doesn't mean it's one.
1GB of ram is very very low these days.
Without seeing your SQL statements there isn't much we can do to help.

Look into indexing.

Use INNER JOIN's where possible (instead of LEFT / RIGHT OUTER JOIN's)

If you take out the sub queries in the view does it work then?
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Yes it works if i remove subqueries but still very slow and i am also using inner joins in the view.
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Tom Deketelaere 8-Jun-10 7:38am    
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Then all you can do is index the right columns and or add some more ram and see if that helps

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