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I am getting (Invalid length for a Base-64 char array.) Error email from application_OnError in global.asax file.

(I am using ASP_State service for session, URL rewrite links, 3.5)

Following two things i have done but still i am getting error.
1. I have set machine key in my root web.config file. (i have a structure like root contains three sub domain, I am getting error emails for page in root level domain)

2. I have set ' EnableViewStateMac ="false" EnableSessionState="True" EnableEventValidation ="false" ValidateRequest ="false" ViewStateEncryptionMode ="Never" '
- After setting this I am getting Other error mails like (Invalid viewstate: Missing field: __VIEWSTATE7.)

Following two more error i am getting
1. Invalid script Resource, '/ScriptResource.axd?d=c7Bdne5TTTS5GmuK0Ql4DsMBML8QWctwbvAT_BczDMBxkDWF9aFubucuYTWutQCZsuwAUEwELPFdKRyR_aKPJwUefOEd1SaQyIMRXi1l8zmLFFc33DInVK-0Xnv1kgBsaulq8855q6dFy72Og12hYdh_fxRjUH5FpPASlYMF1B1bkWkY0&t=ffffffff9b7d03cf'

2. This is an invalid webresource request. '/WebResource.axd'

I have google a lot on this but not resolve yet.

Can anyone suggest me how can i tackle with this error?

Thank you.
ArunAmalraj 11-Mar-14 5:00am    
public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)
ArunAmalraj 11-Mar-14 5:01am

1 solution

IgnoreRoute is an extension method of ASP.NET MVC (System.Web.Mvc) - does not work in Web Forms.

Do this:

routes.Add(new Route("images/{resource}", new StopRoutingHandler())); 
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AbidHussain128 11-Mar-14 5:31am    
hi Arun,

I am not using MVC.
using web forms
ArunAmalraj 11-Mar-14 5:46am    
do you have a RouteConfig file in your application?
AbidHussain128 11-Mar-14 6:13am    
no rout config file is there,
I have set rules in robot.txt file to disallow *.axd files.
ArunAmalraj 11-Mar-14 6:23am
ArunAmalraj 11-Mar-14 6:28am

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