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hi, how can i download the source code of the following article?
best regards
Updated 22-Apr-13 8:18am
Mike Meinz 22-Apr-13 14:18pm    
I checked both articles. For both, the web page says: "No downloads associated with this content"
Member 10384283 24-May-16 2:10am
I am not able to download source code from the above link, Can you please any one help me out on this.

Richard MacCutchan 24-May-16 4:00am    
You have been a member of this site long enough to know this is not the way to ask for help. Please do not spam the forums with non-questions.

Contact the authors of both articles and they might be able to help you.
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michael floeter 22-Apr-13 15:50pm    
Hi mehdi,thanks for your reply. where can i contact directly the author?
i found no contact settings on his profile page
You can't. There are reasons...primarily because it doesn't exist in at least one case!

These were both entries to a competition, and once the competition ended it is likely that all interest in the articles (and probably the applications) ended with it.

The "Friends radar" one looks like a reasonable amount has been done, but that doesn't mean it is complete, or working. It would be worth your posting a question about it at the bottom of the article though (as you did with the geobuddy one) - the poster may let you have a copy, or may update the article to include it.

The "Geobuddy" one though...note where it uses the future tense throughout? "The app would allow you to post, tweet, share...", "The app will use...", "Is it social? It will be." and so forth. Chances are the initial "article" was the only work done on this, so I wouldn't spend too much time waiting for a response...
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