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Hello friend I am trying to build web application for account reconciliation & now I am stuck after importing data. I have below mentioned query which can individually separate common string but I want to apply this to whole table please help.

I have two tables with data narration,debit,credit and match.
In one table narration is like
NEFT/N292190958364579/00019049/NILESH R DESAI

and in another table narration is
To-Trf. RTGS : BAJAJ FINANCE LIMITED 191 Cr A/c No 1011132001850 UTR N292190958345310

I want to match N292190958345310 in both tables and update match as 0.

If any table have duplicate value thank nothing should be updated. narration structure is fix.

What I have tried:

declare @mysql VARCHAR(MAX);

set @mySQL ='To-Trf. RTGS : BAJAJ FINANCE LIMITED 191 Cr A/c No 1011132001850 UTR N292190958345310'

Select (Case When PATINDE'%Beneficiary%', @mySQL) <> 0 Then SUBSTRING(@mySQL, PATINDE'%UTR%', @mySQL) + 4,CHARINDE'Beneficiary',@mySQL)-CHARINDE'UTR',@mySQL)-4) Else Substring(@mySQL, PATINDE'%UTR%', @mySQL) + 4, LEN(@mySQL)) End) As NewString

set @mySQL ='NEFT/N292190958364579/00019049/NILESH R DESAI'
Updated 15-Apr-20 6:27am
Maciej Los 15-Apr-20 10:55am    
"I want to match ... and update match as 0" - what do you mean?
In both tables?
I do not see 'N292190958345310' in a table #1.

1 solution

Please, read my comment to the question first.

I've created sample script. Feel free to change it to your needs.

DECLARE @table1 TABLE(narration NVARCHAR(100), [match] int)
INSERT INTO @table1(narration)
VALUES('NEFT/N292190958364579/00019049/NILESH R DESAI'),
('NEFT/N292190958345310/00019049/NILESH H DELHI'),
('NEFT/N292190958345325/00019049/NILESH O BARAI')

DECLARE @table2 TABLE(narration NVARCHAR(100), [match] int)
INSERT INTO @table2(narration)
VALUES('To-Trf. RTGS : BAJAJ FINANCE LIMITED 191 Cr A/c No 1011132001850 UTR N292190958345310'),
('Ot-Rtf. RSGS : DESAI FINANCE LIMITED 195 Cr A/c No 1011132001880 UTR N292190958345380'),
('Do-Zff. RTTS : BARAI FINANCE LIMITED 111 Cr A/c No 1011132001855 UTR N292190958345315')

DECLARE @common TABLE(narr1 NVARCHAR(100), s1 NVARCHAR(100), s2 NVARCHAR(100), narr2 NVARCHAR(100))

INSERT INTO @common(narr1, s1, s2, narr2)
SELECT t1.narration as narr1, t1.s1, t2.s2, t2.narration AS narr2
	SELECT narration, SUBSTRING(narration, CHARINDEX('/', narration)+1, CHARINDEX('/', narration, CHARINDEX('/', narration)+1)-CHARINDEX('/', narration)-1) AS s1
	FROM @table1
	SELECT narration, RIGHT(narration, CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(narration))-1) AS s2
	FROM @table2
) t2 ON t1.s1 = t2.s2

	SET t1.[match] = 1 
FROM @table1 t1 INNER JOIN @common t2
	ON t1.narration = t2.narr1 

FROM @table1 

Note: i'm using temporary tables (stored in variables).
@common table is used to grab common data, then to update table #1.
In the same manner, you can update table #2.

Good luck!

narration	                                   match
NEFT/N292190958364579/00019049/NILESH R DESAI	NULL
NEFT/N292190958345310/00019049/NILESH H DELHI	1
NEFT/N292190958345325/00019049/NILESH O BARAI	NULL
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Hemil Gandhi 8-Jul-20 6:34am    
Hey buddy now I am stuck with another issue, some times @common appears twice in one table & single time in another table. Now how to deal with it??, No entry should be updated in both tables.
Maciej Los 8-Jul-20 6:48am    
SELECT DISTINCT should help.
Hemil Gandhi 8-Jul-20 6:59am    
I am using below mentioned query to match & update record. Plz guide on this

UPDATE t1 SET t1.[Recon] = 1 ,t1.[ReconDT]=getdate() FROM TEMP_AXIS t1 INNER JOIN TEMP_SBPP t2 ON t1.UTR = t2.UTR and t1.CrDr='CR' AND CAST(T1.Amount AS DECIMAL(10,2))=CAST(T2.dr AS DECIMAL(10,2)) and t1.[Recon] is null and t2.[Recon] is null
Maciej Los 8-Jul-20 7:25am    
How this query is related to my answer?
As i mentioned, if you would like to get distinct data, you need to use DISTINCT keyword (you can use subquery for such of requirement).

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