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Hi Guys,

I have been spending some pretty good time on RSA Algorithm but i soon found out that it takes long time to encrypt large data.
Now i dunno any asymmetric key algorithm that has much smaller encryption and decryption time compared to other algos...
please suggest some...

CPallini 28-Mar-11 3:31am    
Are you talking about an algorithm coded by yourself?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 28-Mar-11 3:38am    
Good question. Are you indeed?

Do you need shorter time in running your application? It will make the time needed for cracking the encryption much shorter. Just a note. You should get some experience on evaluation of run-time through some experiments, to get an idea and figure out your priorities and criteria of acceptability. Before you do it, a problem of alternative methods cannot be correctly formulated; and your Question simply makes no sense if asked without these criteria.

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You should use asymetric encryption only for exchange of symetric encryption key (such as for DES, AES etc.).
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 28-Mar-11 3:33am    
CodeHawkz 28-Mar-11 3:43am    
@voloda2: It depends on lots of variables, isn't it? :)
@SA: I saw you replying in quite some threads. Very helpful of you, but just on a side note, don't you think you are reacting to people's feedback a bit too much? This isn't a competition to help people and there are people like me here, who are not clever as you are. So please, bear with them.
voloda2 28-Mar-11 3:53am    
Yes that is. But based on problem specification (encryption of huge amount of data) basically correct and describes how it works using encryption standards (you simply encrypt random symetric key for whathever algorith you want, using asymetric alg). Using RSA for whole bunch of data in my eyes is just wasting of resources - additionaly you can use a library which will do whole process for you (OpenSSL, .NET, CryptoAPI) ...

But I'm not as smart as @SA is...

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