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I have 2 forms and i am dynamically creating textboxes on the second form. i want to know if the text in any of those boxes were changed so that i can change it in the XML file it writes the textbox text to.
I understand how to create and get the text from the dynamically created textboxes.It is figuring out which one was changed and then changing it in the XML file that i cant figure out.

What I have tried:

i tried using a foreach statement but wasnt sure how to find which one was changed
Updated 7-Aug-18 10:09am

var totalTextBox = 5;

// Create TextBox dynamically
for ( int i = 0 ; i < totalTextBox ; i++ )
   TextBox tb = new TextBox();
   tb.ID = "tb" + i;
   tb.TextChanged += TextBox_TextChanged;

// All TextBox point to same event
private void TextBox_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
   // sender points to modified TextBox
   // All you need to do is cast it
   TextBox modified = (TextBox)sender;
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Codingnow20 7-Aug-18 13:37pm    
Is there a property of text box that I'm missing?? Textbox.ID doesn't show as an option
Codingnow20 7-Aug-18 16:09pm    
This helped me think thru the problem better Thanks
I presume that you would override the .Change event on the textboxes? Which language are we talking about? Presuming C#, you would create an eventhandler for it, like this:

this.textbox.change += new EventHandler (myFunctionName);

Then later in your code:

void myFunctionName(object Sender, EventArgs e) { do something here; }

That's what I'd recommend.
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Codingnow20 7-Aug-18 11:44am    
i tagged it as c#
James McCullough 7-Aug-18 11:45am    
Sorry, yeah. Saw that AFTER I posted.
I actually figured this one out i put a counter for the names of the textboxes and a bool in the textchanged event handler.I then checked if the bool was true and if it was then i checked all the names to find which one was changed
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