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I want the rounded off value from the rounded value like :
If I rounded 5.51 --> to 6.00
I want the value which rounded(Here .49 how i get this value?),
If I rounded 5.48 --> to 5.00
I want the value which rounded(Here .48 how i get this value?)

Please Help me out..

Thanks In advance....
Updated 1-Aug-16 1:38am

First of all, you should look at the problem from a different side and think why do you need rounding. I don't believe you really need it. It is very rarely needed. (One rare exclusion I known is generation of pseudo-random numbers; and I doubt that you are developing something like a new random number generator. :-))

Much more likely that you simply want to show a rounded value on screen, and this is something very different. In this case, you should think about formatting, but not rounding itself. Please see:[^],[^].

By the way, even if you find a correct way to solve the problem using rounding, think again. It's much safer avoid doing it and focusing on formatting only. You don't want rounding to sneak into your calculations even by accident.

Good luck,
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Abhinav S 14-Apr-13 2:00am    
My 5.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 14-Apr-13 2:49am    
Thank you, Abhinav.
Follow the answer Round Off decimal values in C#[^].
Look at Math.Round(decimal)[^] or the overload which takes a MidpointRounding argument.[^]

Of course, you'll need to parse and format the value to get it from/to text. If this is input entered by the user, you should probably use decimal.TryParse, using the return value to determine whether or not the input was valid.

string text = "19500.55";
decimal value;
if (decimal.TryParse(text, out value))
    value = Math.Round(value);
    text = value.ToString();
    // Do something with the new text value
    // Tell the user their input is invalid

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JayantaChatterjee 3-Mar-13 2:55am    
Sir, I know the round function and it's works..
I solved it my self...
thanks for helping me... :-)
Ok... Welcome...

So, please accept this answer. I can see that you have also posted one answer.

Accept this answer as well, so that it will be helpful for others and you will be awarded with some points.

Espen Harlinn 14-Apr-13 16:35pm    
Thanks a lot Espen Harlinn... :)
Hi you can do like this:

double a = 5.50;
string[] str= a.ToString().Split('.');
double num1= Convert.ToDouble("0."+str[1]);
double res;
if (num1 < 0.51)
     res= Math.Floor(a);
else {
    res = Math.Round(a); 
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King Fisher 1-Aug-16 7:52am    
oi shobi,how are you :)
we can calculate it simply like
lets assume,

double originalVal = 51.25;  // value before round off

double roudedVal = Math.Round(originalVal, MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero); // rounded value

double GetVal = 0;  // to know rounded value

GetVal -= originalVal - roudedVal;

GetVal = Math.Round(GetVal, 2);  // to again roundup value with just 2 decimal precision, if it show like 0.47999909 to show up as 0.48


// output will be -25
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[no name] 1-Aug-16 7:49am    
Nonsense reply to a 3 year old question which already has sane answers.
Member 12473157 1-Aug-16 13:46pm    
sorry if you have not understand my old answer.. check my updated answer..
this trick worked perfectly for me and
even if this is older question but many new people are looking for it so, i shared it with others. try it and then reply if it has any problem..

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