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Survey Results

How interested are you in the business side of Software Development?

Survey period: 13 Feb 2023 to 20 Feb 2023

Identifying the opportunity, defining the Product, picking your target market, developing sales collateral. Is this something you love to get your teeth into, or your absolute nightmare?

I deeply love the business of Software Development7411.97
I enjoy it, but it's not my life's calling10016.18
I'm involved in it when I must, but don't seek it out18329.61
I know nothing about it.579.22
I avoid it as much as possible9014.56
I have no desire to touch anything to do with the business side of coding.11418.45

GeneralI am ready to pull that lope Pin
DyBLACK15-Apr-23 5:46
DyBLACK15-Apr-23 5:46 
GeneralMissing option: development with business concerns in mind Pin
Gary Wheeler15-Feb-23 2:17
Gary Wheeler15-Feb-23 2:17 
GeneralI'd like to know the value for my customer Pin
Shmoken9914-Feb-23 10:29
Shmoken9914-Feb-23 10:29 
Generalall Devs should take at least 1 intro to business Pin
maze314-Feb-23 2:30
professionalmaze314-Feb-23 2:30 
GeneralI would be willing to learn about it Pin
Cpichols14-Feb-23 1:58
Cpichols14-Feb-23 1:58 
Generalnon-commercial sales Pin
BryanFazekas14-Feb-23 1:35
BryanFazekas14-Feb-23 1:35 
GeneralNo desire to know more about this Pin
Daniel Pfeffer13-Feb-23 3:46
professionalDaniel Pfeffer13-Feb-23 3:46 
GeneralI've never written software that was sold on Pin
pkfox13-Feb-23 0:37
professionalpkfox13-Feb-23 0:37 
GeneralRe: I've never written software that was sold on Pin
maze314-Feb-23 2:34
professionalmaze314-Feb-23 2:34 
A view point given to me, is all people you making something for are your customer, so treat them as such.

Just because user is in house, doesnt mean there should be any short cutting what you aim to delivery for them.
and asking WHY they need this new button on the page can, what is the BUSINESS reason for it, not the technical reason, which might lead to well they want the button there, but not realise they doing 3 steps to many, and retraining them would be better use then development work.
Business Problems instead of Software Problems

GeneralRe: I've never written software that was sold on Pin
pkfox14-Feb-23 23:25
professionalpkfox14-Feb-23 23:25 
GeneralRe: I've never written software that was sold on Pin
TNCaver15-Feb-23 3:12
TNCaver15-Feb-23 3:12 
GeneralSometimes crazy Pin
Amarnath S12-Feb-23 23:22
professionalAmarnath S12-Feb-23 23:22 
GeneralI'd love to know more about it Pin
den2k8812-Feb-23 21:16
professionalden2k8812-Feb-23 21:16 

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