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Survey Results

How would you describe your current job?

Survey period: 28 Nov 2022 to 5 Dec 2022

Fighting dragons everyday or clicking the same boxes on the same forms, day after day?

Everyday is a bit of an adventure with no map. Very unpredictable.47853.53
Everyday is a challenge but we generally know where we're headed11212.54
We have a mix of fun projects and some boring monotony, but still interesting13415.01
More monotony than excitement, but not too bad707.84
Monotony with a rare sprinkle of something interesting364.03
My job is just plain tedious121.34
I'm not currently working515.71

GeneralMy head hurts Pin
Nelek30-Nov-22 23:37
protectorNelek30-Nov-22 23:37 
GeneralDefinitions Pin
Gary R. Wheeler30-Nov-22 12:07
Gary R. Wheeler30-Nov-22 12:07 
GeneralRetired, but.... Pin
Jalapeno Bob30-Nov-22 11:57
professionalJalapeno Bob30-Nov-22 11:57 
GeneralRe: Retired, but.... Pin
Craig Robbins1-Dec-22 1:09
Craig Robbins1-Dec-22 1:09 
GeneralDragons, pixies, gremlins and goblins Pin
den2k8829-Nov-22 23:04
professionalden2k8829-Nov-22 23:04 
The end product seems mundane, the issues I have to deal with to make it work properly, adapt it to each customer and make it more profitable are the stuff of legends.

Writing software to reduce the audible noise of a fan is a deep and convoluted rabbit hole and not the worst one.
GCS/GE d--(d) s-/+ a C+++ U+++ P-- L+@ E-- W+++ N+ o+ K- w+++ O? M-- V? PS+ PE Y+ PGP t+ 5? X R+++ tv-- b+(+++) DI+++ D++ G e++ h--- r+++ y+++*      Weapons extension: ma- k++ F+2 X

GeneralMissing option: Mostly frustrating with a rare sprinkle of something interesting PinPopular
PIEBALDconsult28-Nov-22 5:02
professionalPIEBALDconsult28-Nov-22 5:02 
GeneralRe: Missing option: Mostly frustrating with a rare sprinkle of something interesting Pin
den2k8828-Nov-22 20:58
professionalden2k8828-Nov-22 20:58 

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