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Survey Results

What programming skills will be important for developers over the next 3 years?

Survey period: 6 Apr 2020 to 13 Apr 2020

"Important" meaning: if you're not familiar with it then good luck finding a programming job.

Artificial Intelligence33142.82
Quantum Computing688.80
Data Structures and Algorithms39350.84
UNIX or Linux15920.57
Containers (Docker and Kubernetes)26634.41
Programming for GPUs and other hardware accelerators11615.01
Parallelization / Vectorization18023.29
People skills33443.21
Other (please comment)395.05
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

GeneralAccording to Google and Microsoft... Pin
#realJSOP6-Apr-20 0:59
professional#realJSOP6-Apr-20 0:59 
GeneralRe: According to Google and Microsoft... Pin
Slacker0076-Apr-20 1:03
professionalSlacker0076-Apr-20 1:03 
GeneralRe: According to Google and Microsoft... Pin
DJ van Wyk6-Apr-20 21:51
professionalDJ van Wyk6-Apr-20 21:51 
GeneralRe: According to Google and Microsoft... Pin
Tom Corbett Space Cadet7-Apr-20 4:33
professionalTom Corbett Space Cadet7-Apr-20 4:33 
GeneralSecurity Pin
lucanor6-Apr-20 0:39
lucanor6-Apr-20 0:39 
GeneralRe: Security Pin
Greg Utas6-Apr-20 6:07
professionalGreg Utas6-Apr-20 6:07 
GeneralRe: Security Pin
obermd7-Apr-20 3:50
obermd7-Apr-20 3:50 
GeneralRe: Security Pin
Greg Utas7-Apr-20 4:15
professionalGreg Utas7-Apr-20 4:15 
OK, so what are some examples of writing secure code?

GeneralRe: Security Pin
Nelek8-Apr-20 10:56
protectorNelek8-Apr-20 10:56 
GeneralWhat I currently see in job ads... Pin
Sander Rossel6-Apr-20 0:00
professionalSander Rossel6-Apr-20 0:00 

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