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Will programming become more or less complex in the future?   [Edit]

Survey period: 12 Sep 2011 to 19 Sep 2011

Our modern IDEs make life so much easier, but issues such as security, parallelism and bloated APIs make life harder. Which way will the balance tip overall?

Programming will become extremely simple515.20
Programming will become simpler979.89
Specifics will change but overall the complexity of the job will stay the same54355.35
Programming will become more complex14414.68
Programming will become so complex that further specialisation in skills will be needed14614.88

GeneralProgramming in Future Pin
S.P.Tiwari12-Dec-11 2:12
professionalS.P.Tiwari12-Dec-11 2:12 
GeneralDon't blame it on the computer Pin
Wolfgang_Baron18-Sep-11 13:44
professionalWolfgang_Baron18-Sep-11 13:44 
General30 years ago I programmed in Cobol ... Pin
Brendan Costigan18-Sep-11 0:41
Brendan Costigan18-Sep-11 0:41 
GeneralJob will become great if Pin
JP_Rocks16-Sep-11 2:22
JP_Rocks16-Sep-11 2:22 
GeneralWe rise to the complexity we can handle Pin
Qwertie15-Sep-11 17:38
Qwertie15-Sep-11 17:38 
GeneralIf the powers that be have any say in the matter.... Pin
Vivi Chellappa14-Sep-11 17:28
professionalVivi Chellappa14-Sep-11 17:28 
GeneralThere will be less "jack-of-all-trade" programmers... Pin
emartinho14-Sep-11 11:07
emartinho14-Sep-11 11:07 
GeneralNot Too simple Pin
snorkie14-Sep-11 5:23
professionalsnorkie14-Sep-11 5:23 
GeneralRe: Not Too simple Pin
Paulo Zemek14-Sep-11 15:56
mvaPaulo Zemek14-Sep-11 15:56 
GeneralRe: Not Too simple Pin
Vivi Chellappa14-Sep-11 17:32
professionalVivi Chellappa14-Sep-11 17:32 
GeneralFortran is for wuss's [modified] PinPopular
dave.dolan14-Sep-11 4:54
dave.dolan14-Sep-11 4:54 
GeneralWill still be as hard/simple as before but programmers will know less Pin
pebrian2713-Sep-11 20:31
pebrian2713-Sep-11 20:31 
GeneralMore Complex Pin
openpage13-Sep-11 20:06
openpage13-Sep-11 20:06 
GeneralI vote for "more complex" - we're there already Pin
Marc Clifton13-Sep-11 14:45
mvaMarc Clifton13-Sep-11 14:45 
GeneralIt's the man not the machine Pin
Nicholas Butler13-Sep-11 2:07
sitebuilderNicholas Butler13-Sep-11 2:07 
Developers have always limited the complexity of programming.

Any language or framework that is too difficult to use productively will not be used very much at all.

So the complexity of programming will keep pace with the abilities of the developer community.

I think the variable is the developer community.

More and more people are joining this community and the entry bar is getting lower all the time.

But these new people are not doing the same work as experienced and talented developers.

There is a huge and growing market for basic apps which rely on 3rd party libraries to do the heavy lifting.

And that's fine.

There is still a role for more able developers and I think it will always exist.

Someone's got to write the frameworks, after all.

GeneralIn the beginning Pin
Ben Daq12-Sep-11 23:22
Ben Daq12-Sep-11 23:22 
GeneralWill become simpler, but... PinPopular
CodingLover12-Sep-11 20:08
CodingLover12-Sep-11 20:08 
GeneralIf we... Pin
Steve Echols12-Sep-11 19:17
Steve Echols12-Sep-11 19:17 
GeneralWhat a question Pin
Nagy Vilmos12-Sep-11 10:53
professionalNagy Vilmos12-Sep-11 10:53 
GeneralRe: What a question Pin
Jörgen Andersson12-Sep-11 11:34
professionalJörgen Andersson12-Sep-11 11:34 
GeneralSame Tune, Different Dance Pin
quinton196912-Sep-11 9:54
quinton196912-Sep-11 9:54 
GeneralWe work to make things simpler... how can things become more complex Pin
sellinger12-Sep-11 9:54
sellinger12-Sep-11 9:54 
GeneralRe: We work to make things simpler... how can things become more complex Pin
sanme9812-Sep-11 16:28
sanme9812-Sep-11 16:28 
GeneralBoth Pin
joeyespo12-Sep-11 9:23
joeyespo12-Sep-11 9:23 
GeneralMovement towards simplicity Pin
Fabio Franco12-Sep-11 8:59
professionalFabio Franco12-Sep-11 8:59 

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