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Comments by Grant Mc (Top 17 by date)

Grant Mc 14-Feb-23 18:07pm View    
Thanks Graeme. This works so I have marked it as accepted solution. No real reason for changing it from orders to movies, just was trying this as a solution and it worked, so now I can apply it to my products list. Realise now I have made it more confusing, sorry.
Grant Mc 13-Feb-23 0:18am View    
Thanks @Member15627495 and @Gerry Schmitz. Will check out these options
Grant Mc 13-Feb-23 0:11am View    
Hi Graeme. I really appreciate your time taken for this, however this is not what I am looking for.
Your solution lists the order ID, Date, and Total Cost, and then lists all the products underneath it.

What I am looking for is a solution that displays on each line, all of the data.
Order ID | Order Date | Total Cost | Product ID | Name | Qty | Cost
001 | 13/02/2023 | $59.23 | PID001 | Spkr | 1 | $24.93
001 | 13/02/2023 | $59.23 | PID002 | Creme | 1 | $34.30
002 | 12/02/2023 | $63.18 | PID001 | Spkr | 1 | $24.93
002 | 12/02/2023 | $63.18 | PID005 | Donut | 1 | $28.88

The reason for this is that 90% of the orders will only have 1 product, so would prefer them on the one line.

My apologies if I was not clear in my question.
Grant Mc 28-Oct-22 5:02am View    
Your right, this works well.
Spent three hours looking for this, and the answer is soo simple.

Appreciate your assistance.
Grant Mc 2-Feb-20 4:40am View    
Going great so far.

Once again, thank you very much TheRealSteveJudge