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Sh.H. 21-Mar-24 16:28pm View    
I think my question was not clear.
I meant, if I should use notify in program, then what is the different between List and Observable Collection ?
Sh.H. 21-Mar-24 2:28am View    
What do you mean by both matter ?
Sh.H. 19-Mar-24 11:20am View    
Thank you friend, you spend a lot of time to write this code. It is valuable for me and I am very excited. Thank you very much.
Just a question: As I know, Observable Collection is a list that updates the DataGrid immediately. So why I should use InotifyPropertyChanged? Because if I use INotifyPropertyChanged, then there is no different between List and Observable Collection!
Sh.H. 18-Mar-24 2:55am View    
I marked as answer.
But vise versa doesn't work. I mean if I edit a name of country on right DataGrid, it should change all names of that country in left DataGrid. Which doesn't not work.
Actually this is the problem that I had with my researches. I was looking for a two way binding. I hope I could tell what I meant.
Sh.H. 17-Mar-24 13:49pm View    
@ Pete O'Hanlon
Then should I put PropertyChanged event in every properties of the Class which ObservableCollection binded to ?