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Buddhi Chaturanga 8-Jun-17 7:24am View    
Thank you for the answer I will try this solution and verify it as an answer later.Really appreciate your thoughts.
Buddhi Chaturanga 31-Jan-17 9:49am View    
Thank you for the fine answer :D
Buddhi Chaturanga 31-Jan-17 9:49am View    
Thank you for the reply :D
Buddhi Chaturanga 25-Mar-15 21:55pm View    
@CubbiMew - Thanks for the quick reply pal,I have tried that already but the problem is we have to use template and that kind of things and specify the type of the element.
Imagine we have set of overloaded functions(only C++) regarding "bar" say,
bar(double* d_arg){...};
bar(int* i_arg){...};
then we call each functions only using curly brackets without specifying respective type,
bar({1,2,3}) expect to invoke bar(int*)
bar({1.0,2.0,3.0}) will invoke bar(double*) respectively.
(Note that compiler should aware of type of function argument)
Buddhi Chaturanga 8-Feb-15 2:37am View    
Thanks for the reply."There is no way to (reasonably and reliably) convert C++ 11 code into C++ 98 code." notice the point as you mentioned.