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Comments by vikuseth (Top 6 by date)

vikuseth 24-Dec-12 11:00am View    
int nVar = 12;
int &rVar = nVar ;//Ok
double &dVar = nVar ;//Error
const double &cdVar = nVar ;//Ok

can you please explain Why the 3rd statement is not working where as 4th statement is working ?
vikuseth 3-Sep-12 1:03am View    
Thanks a lot for giving some nice suggestions on design part . As i mentioned above i don't want to use the static keyword .
Is there any other way to solve this without using the static keyword ?
Thanks in advance .
vikuseth 14-Aug-12 10:45am View    
Thankx Eugen ..
vikuseth 14-Aug-12 8:03am View    
so in that delayed loaded dll section i have to choose "Support Unload (/DELAY:UNLOAD)" or "Don't Support Unload" ?
vikuseth 14-Aug-12 7:14am View    
i have used lots of dll .. so i dont think its feasible to go by your solution since i have to mention all my dlls name . Is there any other solution ?
Thankx for your reply ..